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Alpha Upsilon Chapter History

Under the leadership of the Second District Representative, Mifflin T. Gibbs, Alpha Upsilon Chapter (Brooklyn Omega) was founded on October 1st, 1949. Thirty-eight distinguished graduate Brothers from Zeta Psi Chapter were selected to be the charter members of Alpha Upsilon. These Men, who were already prominent leaders in Omega and the community at large, founded Alpha Upsilon with the vision of the Chapter serving as a beacon, emitting an intense inspirational beam of light fully illuminating the road to true Brotherhood. The charter members of Alpha Upsilon Chapter are:

Stanley M. Douglas (1st Editor to the Oracle), Clarence N. Johnson (First Alpha Upsilon Chapter Basileus), Clarence V. Harris (Served as 2nd District Representative 1954-1956), J. Melvin Coleman (Served as 2nd District Representative 1959-1961), Dr. Addison Z. Bowman, Joseph Bostic Sr., Dr. Bryan Cave,  Harry Giles, , William Hutchins, Thomas R. Jones (New York State Supreme Court Justice), Dr. Paul L. Jones,
Dr. Herbert E. Marshall, Alfred Miller Sr., Dr. Gerald Seon, James E. Spaulding, Edward H. Taylor (*76 yrs of service to Omega) Charles Trice, Arnold Webb,  Kenneth Bramwell, Hewitt Bourne, Malcom Dillard, Authur Funn, Greg Gilmer, William Hilton, Dr. Henry Jackson, Dr. Darnell Johnson, Malcolm Martin, Rev Joseph H. May, Carl McCrea, Dr. Hamilton Soden, Donald K. Taylor, Edwin F. Taylor, Leonard Tyson, Arnold Williams, Lindsay White, Norman B. Johnson, Fred Bestman, and Oliver D. Walcott (First Black Certified Public Accountant in New York State)



*Edward H. Taylor


Grand Conclave Grand Marshall - 1959

Alpha Upsilon Chapter Basileus - 2yrs,

Alpha Upsilon Chapter KRS - 28 yrs

2nd District Recommendation Committee - 6 yrs

National Recommendation Committee - 3 yrs

Bishop Love Study Commission - 3 yrs

Served as Chapter Chaplin and Special Advisor to the 2nd District Representative

Entered Omega Chapter 9/7/07.


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